Monday, April 23, 2012

Bella Venezia

Venice or Italian: Venezia - is one of the most beautiful cities in Italy. Come and watch how we see this amazing city full of culture, art, good mood and local specialities.

We  spent in Venice 3 amazing days in October 2012. I knew that it is a great and unique city, but the first sight was more impressive that how I imagined it. It was unforgettable experience. I immediately fell in love with the queen of Venetian lagoon. There are some of our photos and our experiences from the trip.

The city has many sights, but after the visiting most of them try to astray in narrow streets and see parts of the town which are not cluttered with tourists. It is great to avoid the crowds.

In the city there are two ways to get from one place to another,  you can choose walking or waterway. It is great that there are no cars in Venice and land is just for pedestrians. Channels are used by various boats, water taxis, vaporetto - a water bus and the typical Venetian gondolas. Gondolas are great local attraction, but not cheap – price is around 80 – 100 € and the travel time is about 40 minutes.

One of the most used means of transport is vaporetto – it runs on the Grand Canal. It is very advantageous to buy a 3-day ticket if you will spend only a few days here and plan to visit places which you can’t visit walking.

If you want to walk across The Bridge of Sighs or Italian: Ponte dei Sospiri  ( It passes over the Rio di Palazzo and connects the New Prison to the interrogation rooms in the Doge´s Palace) you have to get into the Doge´s Palace first. There are usually long queues, but it is a beautiful place, there are some photos from Doge´s Palace.


  • Crowd can be annoying, so try to "get lost" in the city
  • Don´t pay much for a bottle of mineral water, there are grocery stores in the city, where you can buy anything for normal price. Rather buy for the saved money something tasty. 
  • In Venice you have to buy a typical traditional Venetian mask, but watch out for similar but not the original masks which are made in Italy - a lot of the little shops sells masks made in China.
  • Venice is a good place to shoppingyou will find there shops of many major brands.
  • The city is full of excellent restaurants and cafes, but if you desire for junk food there is also a McDonalds´:)  

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