Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter preparation

I want to wish Happy Easter to everybody. Today is Good Friday - for Christians very important day. I don´t remember any Easter holidays, when it was snowing, but today I felt as on Christmas. It was snowing all day in Košice. Here in Slovakia is an Easter tradition, that men use to visit women and to hose them with water. After that women give them an Easter egg - usually a chocolate egg. We used to have a lot of visitors on this day when I was a child. Now is my main Easter guest my lovely George. 

So before Easter we need some preparation. Not just to clean our homes, bake and cook. So it is time for a relaxing bath and to use a quality face mask. You can also do a manicure and a pedicure. Don´t forget to hair care - especcialy to hair balm. I think that after all is the most important a nice make-up. I prefer natural make-up as you can see on the photos - on Easter I will change this just a little. I will ad photos of my Easter make-up and the next week I will share my first video make-up tutorial. I hope you will enjoy it.

And a further important advice is: Don´t forget to smile!

Edina Kocsis


Edina Kocsis
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