Saturday, February 9, 2013

Valentine´s Treasure

There is only few days to Valentine´s Day. In my opinnion we should to behave to our love everyday as on Valentine´s Day, not just one day a year. Daily kiss, hug, endearement, beautiful words or a prety gift can make our days better and love stronger, simply it makes wonders. Love is like a flower, it needs daily care. It is like a rose - full of beauty and passion. When we don´t care about our flower it wilts. 

In addition to love we also need small cute thinngs, that will make us happy. There are some things which are my treasures last time. This rose was a surprise from George - red rose is my favorite flower and he knows it :) The Mango bag I got from George´s family as a Christmas gift. It is small and practical. Earrings are from SIX - i bought them myself for a successful state exam. They are beautiful accessories to a lot of outfits.

The last thing, which I bought just for pleasure is my new Perfect Kiss Lipstick from AVON - shade lacy mauve. It is a very nice color. I was looking for something what is not too red or pink. So I find the lipstick which is striking but not provocative and moisture lips. It was pretty difficult to choose from 24 colors.

So besides the jewelry, bags and flowers the another things that I love are coffee and sweets. This photo with almond flavored cafe latte and cake was photographed last Monday in McCafé in Košice. We stopped here to rest with George after a long journey from my home.

And there is my greatest treasure - without him I can´t imagine my life... he is my love George and I want to celebrate Valentine´s Day everyday with him ♥ I LOVE YOU and I want to grow our flower every day !

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